2 Easy Steps to Viral List Building

Exactly what is viral list building? What is virus-like marketing? In the good old days, viral marketing happens by promoting something so exciting and popular that it spreads like wildfire-without much help! With today’s technology, things received way easier. It will usually a few minutes to get started on a viral advertising campaign.

It’s a good thing you should not have your own product to go into viral email marketing. You can advertise other people’s products or buy a PLR with a good content. If you think about it, virus-like list building is a fairly easy way to promote your business by making use of friends! PLR List Building

Can you be still with me? If you are, I’ll show you 2 ways how it’s done.

Private Label Rights (PLR) 

Buy PLR and revise it to include a number of links to your touchdown page and website. Content the freebie in your website and email it to your current leads. Encourage them to reveal it by informing them of the content’s benefits.

Once people have start sharing it, you will have many possible leads clicking your landing webpage link and signing up for your list. Eureka! Your viral list building has succeeded and definitely will start a chain reaction of leads signing up for you!

Refer an associate

Discover a certain script that enables your website visitors to enter their friend’s email address to your press page. Simply install a tell-a-friend script on your website. Once your website visitors view it, they will refer a couple of friends by adding their email and name on your list. Of course, people will only pertain who they think might be considering your offer. This is certainly a passive yet extremely effective approach to virus-like list building, because the only thing you need to do is install the script on your website. The leads that were referred to your site will naturally refer more people and the virus-like advertising chain starts!

The techniques I mentioned would not work to its full potential unless the product or service you offer is very great. In other words- it should be worth sharing with other people. Otherwise people will not likely be raving about it!

Naturally, it goes without saying that you need to continually promote your website and landing web page to reap the maximum benefits associated with viral list building. However viral your list building technique is, it will not continue to market itself until you give it a little help.

Creating a responsive set of email readers doesn’t have to take forever or cost any money. I was able to build up a set of thousands of subscribers in a matter of weeks by using a simple step-by-step system that anyone can follow.

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