2016 Holidays, A Success For Amazon And Third-Party Sellers

Amazon . com got more than what it asked for previous Christmas, hence calling the 2016 christmas season the best ever.

The large store shipped more than one billion items worldwide, but the highlight was advertising millions of its voice-controlled Alexa devices.

Sales of Amazon Echo and Mirror Dot were nine times higher this holidays than they were during the same period in 2015. amazon polska

“Despite our best work and ramped-up production, we still had trouble keeping them in stock, inch said Jeff Wilke, CEO of Worldwide Consumer at Amazon. 

Orders for Match and Echo Dot continually poured into Amazon on Dec. 23, the most popular day for Prime Right now deliveries as customers purchased 3x more items in comparison to the previous season.

However, no other day was busier than 12 ,. 19 as Amazon said it was the maximum worldwide shipping day.

Apart from the impressive sales of Match devices, Handmade at Amazon online marketplace also made a noteworthy performance a month previously on The new cyber monday.

Amazon’s one-year old category for hand-crafted goods did find a 200 percent increase in sales, which is way more than it made a year ago.

Additional Amazon Shoppers Mobile Equipment

A huge number of Amazon online customers shopped through their mobile devices within the getaways.

Seventy-two percent of consumers engaged in M-commerce, while those who used the free Amazon mobile software to search grew by 56%.

According to Amazon, 46 electronics and 36 toys and games were purchased per second on the mobile device during The famous cyber monday.

Thanks to forty-five, 000 robots who proved helpful hand in hand with the Fulfilment by Amazon online (FBA) team, these customers got their orders shipped to their doorstep on time.

Record-breaking Sales for Thirdparty Retailers

Now we could hardly go without congratulating you and other Amazon vendors who made a getting rid of over the holidays.

That came as hardly surprising that the items shipped by FBA for third-party retailers grew more than 50 percent.

Based on Amazon’s data, its third-party sellers worldwide received orders for twenty eight million items as early on as Cyber Monday-that’s a 21. 7% increase from what they got on Cyber Monday in 2015.

In addition, the number of sellers on Amazon using FBA jumped to 70 percent.

“Sellers are choosing Amazon . com because we help them build and grow their businesses with impactful programs like Seller Fulfilled Perfect, and we’re proud of the fact that retailers are reinvesting their success into their local areas by creating jobs, inches said Peter Faricy, VP for Amazon Marketplace.

Most of the sellers knew as early on as Holiday that 2016 was going to end with a bang for these people, as they got 10x more online customers than the usual year ago.

Those in whose products are with the vendor Fulfilled Prime program got millions of purchases from Prime members, who very happily took good thing about the free two-day or next-day shipping.

Way to go!

Once again, we saw what knowing what to sell and where to sell can bring to one’s business.

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