A Trip to Japan

On this occasion I was on an official visit to Japan. The Thai Airways flight from New Delhi had a stop-over in Bangkok and the onwards flight was about 3 hours down the line United. I was already so tired that My spouse and i was sleeping all the way till the shoring announcement over Narita Airport terminal. The food was not to my liking at all but Some head till they allowed myself to sleep peacefully. bangkok to sukhothai

Narita Airport arrivals terminal is not big comparing to Bangkok International Airport. Following collecting my baggage We relocated to the international airport bus terminus. The details of the buses were already provided by my colleague in Japan and faced no problems in locating it. I had been also told that buses are the cheapest mode of transportation and I paid only US$20 for a journey of approximately 2 hundred kilometers. The standard train charges for this distance could be US$55! The coach were very much Western with announcement systems in Japanese and English. My personal destination was a hotel in Hitachi City which is found north of Tokyo but much south of the snow-capped Osaka. The first shock as soon as I reached Asia was that I acquired lost signal of my cellphone I kept attempting to look for signal but it has not been to be as Japanese mobile alerts are on a different frequency and does not support the rest-of-world eq. Luckily I had fashioned my laptop with VPN connectivity and thereby usage of the complete world through it. I used to be also carrying a run calling card which all telephone billings on my credit-based card and probably the cheapest form of being in touch with the world in Japan.

The only challenge was heading to find the short access code in Nippon that the hotel in this small town could not help me- it was 0066-33 which my hotel provided at my stay in Tokyo. Next thing of mention is the level of automation down to the toilet seats. This feels like traveling in a rocket which all the computerized functions develop the toilet seat – the flush controls, personal weight data all are handled on the bathroom seats. I somehow fit myself in the room but was surprised to see that some swollen Americans were also able to modify themselves in similar rooms. Morning several hours I did realize why people call Japan – “The Land of Increasing Sun”. It was quite bright at 4 o’clock in the morning itself! Japanese, well known for their timing reached my hotel at 8: 3 AM as promised without even half a minutes’ delay. The day was consumed in professional discussion posts. I walked back to my accommodation which was only a short distance away. The streets were very clean and seemed uncluttered. A few stores were dotted on the streets with only very few cars plying around. A Macdonald was located close-by and I realized where to go if I did not get appropriate food in my hotel.

I was used out by my kinds to a typical Western style restaurant. This was located at about 20 minute’s brisk walk from my hotel. Shoes experienced to be deposited at the access as every Japanese norms. We were seated on chairs but the traditional Japanese custom is to take a seat on surface. The first serving was ‘Tempura” which was delicious and I could associate it our very American indian “pakodas” as a close equivalent. Further on, steamed fish and steamed grain were on menu. We tried me with the chopsticks but it was difficult for handle for me. Duck and chicken breast were other delicacies to come besides “Sushi”. To provide the final variations to dinner, “Saki” was served; an alcoholic refreshment is made out of fermented rice with a live fish in it. The glass were required to done bottoms-up in one swig. It was difficult to convince my hosts that I am a whole tee-tolar nonetheless they understood and would not insist on it. My host was a young Japanese executive who was a Black Seatbelt in karate. Sports is an essential part of Japanese life and they demonstrate same discipline in sports as in other fields. I observed Japanese people to be very hard-working and made their great nation not by chance but by continuous and sustained efforts. The dedication to society of Japanese people people is exemplary. My spouse and i learnt that all the citizen volunteer for the safety watch-keeping on a regular basis and my host was on that service last night after finishing dinner with me personally and between catching the train a period of time. Traveling on Japanese people trains was my next experience. The train timings were accurate without even half a minute change. The reservation counter clears later so I got the first train giving at 6: 03AM from Hitachi city in an unreserved compartment. The inner compartment was very clean and at this early early morning enough seats were readily available for everyone.

Way back in 2001, Japan was so advanced that internet services were already available on mobile connections. Almost 60 per cent people were carrying notebooks and were busy on the internet while vacationing. All baggage had to be deposited in the compartment nearby the door. The view outside was a lot like an Indian countryside -houses with sloping roofs to stop accumulation of snow but strong enough to stand up to the frequent earthquakes in this city. Tokyo was much larger with large streets as well as smaller ones which are off the key streets. It seemed like buildings everywhere with the ease of space lost. Jogging the pavements one could find great deal of stores selling everything from household needs to air tickets to digital items. I bought a very cheap use-and-throw camera there for US$5.

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