Ancestry DNA Test – Is an Ancestry DNA Test Reliable?

DNA testing has become something our society relies on very heavily for identification purposes. Everyone has different DNA so it is a unique way to identify an individual. It is the equivalent of a signature only in a genetic form that can’t be altered or hidden. One of the most common uses of DNA testing is to track down criminals who have left hair, skin, or semen at the scene of a crime.

A use for DNA testing that is less familiar to most individuals is for tracking down a person’s heritage. It can be hard to determine a person’s heritage without the help of DNA testing. Each person is classified into one of four main groups when it comes to ancestry. Those groups are East Asian, Native American, African, or European. 

Many people have some identifying features or skin colors that help to identify their particular line of ancestry. The trouble is that many people have parents from two different ancestry lines. This makes the diversification very hard to track as you start looking back on generations of mixed ancestry. With ancestry DNA it is possible to determine the dominate one for that individual.

The testing involved in the ancestry DNA process is done with the technology available today. Ancestry DNA testing involves the process of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism so that they dominant ethnic group can be identified. The Single Nucleotide Polymorphism also tells the percentage of the different ancestry groups that make up the individuals DNA.

While you may wonder why ancestry is so important to some people the reality is that it does matter. It is interesting to know where your heritage lies and for some people not knowing gives them a void they really want to have filled. This is more important to them then simply fitting into society because of their race or color.

There is plenty of debate surrounding the concept of ancestry DNA. Many experts claim it is not a reliable way to determine ones heritage. They also believe it causes issues with cultural beliefs rather than instilling a sense of their role in society. Others find these claims to be completely ridiculous and place plenty of merit in ancestry DNA test results.

There are many good ancestry DNA test locations in the world that do offer individuals the opportunity to find out where their true heritage lies. Meanwhile an independent validation method still has to be adopted before the scientific field is going to accept it.

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