Baby Pillows – Should I Give My Child A Pillow

While adults it is properly normal and expected we use a pillow once we sleep. In fact, going to bed with no pillow can be quite painful and leave us waking up with a stiff neck or perhaps even stopping all of us getting to sleep to start with.

It is therefore no surprise that many parents wonder whether their child would also be more comfortable if given a baby pillow.

The answer to the question though, is dependent on the age of your child, and also where they are sleeping……. posture pillow

In case your child is younger than two years old, a cushion is unquestionably not recommended. A child under this age group will normally not desire a support regarding head and more importantly often there is some risk of them suffocating on the pillow. Likewise, if your child is still with this young time but has started hiking, crawling or walking then the pillow could be used as an help to climbing out of their crib.

Therefore, most research shows that normally a pillow really should not be considered until the baby is in least two years old and it is also no much longer sleeping in a cot but has progressed to a toddler bed.

Also when your child is slightly older though, it is far from always necessary for them to use a pillow case. If they are going to bed well without a cushion then there is probably no need to expose one.

If and when you do choose to provide your child a pillow, make sure it is an actual ‘baby sleep pillow’ rather than simply one you already have in your house. The pillow should be relatively firm so that the child cannot sink into it whilst sleeping and be smothered or suffocated. It should also be smaller than a normal adult pillow, possibly throughout the size of a travel cushion and be easily easily cleaned for when your child has those little mishaps. If your child endures from any allergies you will probably be able to buy a baby pillow that is non-allergenic

In case you are still uncertain as to whether it’s high time to introduce a baby pillow to your child’s bed you might wish to consider speaking to your doctor to get his or her insight or maybe waiting until your child actually asks for a pillow or shows some signs of battling to sleep on a flat bed.

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