Best In Show: Ensuring Your Trade Show Display Is a Winner

Really no secret: when it comes to creating an efficient trade show display, an image truly is worth a thousand words. You may be the best jeweler in your industry, but a poorly designed control show display can drain your business pitch before you even talk to the first customer. With the stakes this high, planning a powerful trade show display can seem to be like a daunting task. Even so, with a little advanced planning, a creative, custom display and an attractive banner display, your presentation area can truly be the best in show. Display

Find out your space. Before planning your trade show screen, get specifics on the venue where you will be exhibiting. How much space will you have for your display, and exactly how much space will there be in your way on the path to your neighbor’s display? Would you like to have access to power outlets? Will a table cover be provided? This information will help you shape out how much – and which type – of materials you should bring.

Tip: Set up location supplies a tablecloth, bring your own or a table runner in a contrasting color to add visual interest to your table. And if you need access to an electrical outlet, bring your own power strip and an extension cord! Avoid rely on the location to supply these for you. 

Add a screaming display.
A colorful screaming stand next to your display may help your sales space stand out from your neighbor’s. Available in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, a flag display is a great way to introduce a new product, enhance brand awareness, or emphasize a company logo and info. If you already own an exhibit booth, commit in a banner stand to update your existing display without spending a fortune. Choose a different color and material to actually make your display put.

Tip: After the company show, maintain your banner screen working for your business! A banner display is a great addition to your storefront or full space, and it brings a professional touch at your next conference.

Buy a custom display.
Nothing packages as big an factor of surprise as a custom display at a trade show. Depending on the size of your display area, a totally custom-made display can create an totally new environment for your business, visually and physically separating your screen from other trade show. Popular custom display elements include an increased seats area, a partial roof structure covering for your screen and a multi-level or curved background. Creative, professional and memorable, a custom display truly sets your business above the other control show participants.

Tip: A few companies offer discounts up to 50% on canned custom displays. While these displays were previously built for another company, with a few minor changes (and your own graphics), you can make them your own and enjoy a custom display for a fraction of the price.

Enhance a tiny company show display with accessories. Minus the space (or money) for a much larger, custom-made display, improve your existing display with a few key accessories. Keep your product information and company brochures organized with a literature stand. Select a few bold tablecloth or table runner. Include a free-standing prize wheel and provide away company-branded accessories.

Tip: Control show venues in many cases are dimly lit or rely on harsh overhead lights. Brighten up your display with a few strategically located lights highlighting your screaming stand, literature display or company logo and info.

Borrow the best from your competitors.
Whether you are a seasoned regular or this is your new exhibiting at a trade show, visit a few shows as an attendee. Which displays capture your eye and which send your running in the opposite direction? An easy lap through a company show will help get your creative juices going with ideas for bettering your own exhibit.

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