Chase Those Ants Away With Natural Essential Oils

Have you ever had those pesky little ants this summer? We have had ants big and small, off and on. The past two years though, I have not had a problem. Although this season, I’ve had small, tiny brown ants, hundreds of them! I think the extreme heat may be one reason for it. They may be trying to get in where it’s cool. Who have knows? Anyway… Aroma Organic Oils

What My spouse and i did…

Years back, I used peppermint gas and a blend called Purification to reduce those pests with good results, so that’s the things i chose to use again. I merely stuffed up a spray container ( you can get one at a money store), with water and added 20 drops of each of these essential oils. I shook it up well and went outside the house first and sprayed around the kitchen doors and anywhere else I think they could get in. I quickly sprayed around the inside of the doors and on the countertops and anywhere else I found them. 

So what occurred…

The ants slowed down immediately and within a minute possibly even were DEAD! The ones that were able to avoid and hide, which really wasn’t many, got dispersed later and exactly the same thing took place.

Natural essential oils is so much better than using those toxic canisters on the market that can harm the fitness of your family and pets. Especially if you have children you Do Not want to use those commercial sprays. Essential oils also be less expensive to use and they smell great! Peppermint oil is also good for focus and attention. An added benefit!

Acquire the kids involved…

Kids naturally want to learn and be a part of what you’re doing, so start teaching them how to remain healthy early. As organic and natural essential oils are safe for youngsters, you can teach them how to make the spray themselves. That’s what my son Tyler does. My child had some troublesome ants this summer, and Tyler jumped in to make up the peppermint and Purification oils and began spraying. So whenever this individual sees ants, he is aware what oils to use and how to handle it. Make it fun too, by distributing a distinctive line of peppermint oil in front of the ants on the patio or floor to see if they will cross it. They will actually brain the other way!

Will the ants come back again?

I have not experienced ants return in certain areas of the kitchen, but in other locations they did… but not practically several. Just keep bringing out. It shouldn’t take long until they STOP coming!


Ensure you don’t leave even tiny bits of food on counters or desks, or dirty dishes in the sink. Also keep the floor swept and mopped because components of food can even be there. Apply around your porch, door steps and under the sink. I also put a drop of peppermint and Purification oils on the cotton ball and let it stay where the ants like to come.

Other oils to use…

Spearmint, lemon, orange and Idaho Tansy essential herbal oils can be used to control and remove ants. Generate sure you use genuine, traditional oils for best results. The ones I actually always use because I actually know the RESULTS I actually get is Young Living Essential Oils. Keep oiling and keep healthy!

Mary Wickett

Carol is an essential oil educator and a certified reflexologist. Because a distributor of Small Living Essential Oils, the lady teaches the value of using genuine, real essential essential oils for health and treatment. This wounderful woman has been an ally of natural health and wellness for the history more than 30 years. Among the things the girl has studied includes, the use essential oils, iridology, muscle testing, nutrition, tapping and other kinds of energy medicine.

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