Diet After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

As with every bariatric surgery, after gastric sleeve surgery and its recovery period, the patient’s eating habits will have to change. Gastric sleeve surgery Cancun Mexico

1 . After surgery, the stomach will only have 100-150 milliliters so the subject will feel full very quick. Overeating will enlarge the stomach again.

2 . For the first 3 to 4 several weeks the patient is allow to eat only low caloric foods.

3. Themes must avoid sugars, especially those contained in liquids, because they will considerably sluggish the weight loss process. This kind of all kinds of sugar will not represent a real nutrient for your body.

4. Fat foods and fried foods must be avoided because they are harder to digest and have low numbers of minerals and vitamins that your body needs. 

5. Patients ought not to eat greedily; every bit must be well chewed and slowly swallowed. In the moment the person feel saturation, he/she must stop from eating. If vomiting occurs after many meals consecutively, a patient may develop a dehydrating symptom. In this case, subject matter will be recommended to imbibe liquids containing electrolytes for a while and only when they will feel a lot better to reboot eating food.

6. After gastric sleeve surgery patients must be careful about every day administration of the necessary quantity of fluids, preferably water. The recommended dose is at least 1 . 5 liters or more, depending of each individual’s stature and weight.

7. If certain symptoms occur like headache, nausea, vomiting, dark urine the patient must inform his doctor.

8. Never drinking alcohol fluids 15 minutes before having a meal or 30-40 minutes after, is recommended; these might enlarge the stomach size again and make the it’s digestive : juices to become to diluted for a proper digestion.

9. Subjects of gastric sleeve surgery will not eat more than three meals each day and, only if they’re really hungry; will take one single snack between dishes. Every food patients eat must be reach in nutrients. Usually one of the meals must be especially reach in proteins. The main foodstuffs patients have to ingest are those rich in protein, fruits, vegetables and cereals.

10. Checking intolerance to particular foods that might show up after gastric sleeve surgery is also important. If one type of food is not well tolerated patient should take one week break before trying it again. Different types of foods must be introduced steadily and each one at a time (meal), never mixed, in order to avoid indigestion.

11. For those folks who do not tolerate lactates there are supplements that will help their digestive function.

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