Glossary of Auto Transport Terms

A specially designed multi-level train car used to move automobiles. Autoracks have two or three decks, can hold up to 20 vehicles and also have metal part panels and end entry doors to protect automobiles while in transit. Bi-level or double-deck Autoracks usually move trucks and large SUV’s, while tri-level or three-way deck Autoracks usually transfer passenger cars. A dedicated train with 70 Autoracks is capable of shipping more than 1, 500 vehicles at one time. הובלת ארון וספה

Auto Transport

Moving or shipping automobiles as shipping. Auto shippers are firmly encouraged to seek away reputable, fully-insured, financially strong car haulers. A fresh technology of smart, customer-focused car transport companies are making nationwide transport more convenient and affordable than at any time before. 


Identifies the car hauler’s possibility to grab a second load of vehicles near the vacation spot where they delivered their first load; i. elizabeth., getting back to the origin of the first load. A to B, then M to A.

Bi-Level Track Car

A type of rail car used for auto transport, known as bi-level because it has two decks, an top and a lower. Bi-level capacity is between almost 8 – 12 vehicles. They will are often used to move vans, pickups and Sports utility vehicles, or passenger vehicles which may have radio antennas or higher profiles that exclude them from fitting on a tri-level rail car.

Car Hauler/Carrier

An organization which provides auto transport service; the physical transport of the vehicle.

Car Carrier / Car Transport Equipment

A specially constructed semi-trailer (unpowered unit) usually capable of shipping up to 9 vehicles. Some include hydraulically controlled ramps. Some vehicles are backed onto the truck and some are driven nose first to help maximize space or meet overhang requirements. Each vehicle is strongly blocked and tied down to help protect it during transit. Large vehicles are usually transported on the top level of multi-deck transport trailers.

Delivery Network

A complex strategy to linked trucks, railroads and ships used to transport cars. Car haulers with use of all methods of auto transport have a powerful delivery network that provides efficient vehicle shipping to meet their customers’ time and cost requirements.

Enclosed Auto Transfer

Auto transport by using a completely enclosed van, semi truck or rail car, usually with metal sides and a highly regarded. Enclosed auto transportation offers increased protection against weather, road debris and other hazards especially over long distances. Enclosed pickup truck transport is a high grade service which usually is more expensive than standard open auto transport. Encapsulated rail transport is standard and often less expensive than open truck transfer when moving cars more than 500 miles.

Gets Forwarder

One who goes together small shipments of vehicles as one large consolidated shipment which is then tendered to an car carrier. Upon reaching vacation spot, the shipment is segregated into small shipments and delivered.


The process of shipping a vehicle using more than one mode of auto transportation. Proposed by only a few select car haulers, intermodal auto transport integrates both short-distance truck transport and long-distance rail service options.

Local Move

A term used to describe automobile transport from pickup to delivery by an one carrier, usually within a radius of 200 mls from origin to vacation spot.


Changes or improvements to a vehicle from its original state, such as spoilers, roof holders, 4 x 4 lift up kits, running boards, van cabs, and so up Modifications can affect a vehicle’s overall dimensions and weight, which may require a different mode of auto transport or additional fees.

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