How to Hang Curtains

Let me start right at the beginning:

Step ladders: Produce sure you have a reliable pair of steps not to short so you over reach. Your biceps and triceps will drop of before you have taken your first lesson in how to hang curtains. Not really to tall which you can not reach the window comfortably without bending out to the inside side to hang window treatments throwing you off balance.

Curtain hooks for standard pencil pleat curtain record ผ้าม่านกันแสง

Curtain hooks Again make sure before starting that you have enough of the right kind of drape hooks

Light curtains will be fine with standard plastic hooks.

Medium weight curtains use nylon hooks, better than plastic. They will will flex without circumventing.

Heavy curtains use material nickel hooks, they may be little bit fiddly to handle all of them stick together the field. The same as the Chinese puzzles I actually had since a child.

Curtain hooks for bucram headed curtains

You will need exactly what are called “pin hooks” since they have a sharp pin which pierces through the fabric and bucram on the backside of the curtain header. These kinds of heading makes for the best looking drapes. As always the best all ways costs that bit more.

An extra set of hands

When you are learning how to hang curtains large or heavy it is very useful to have someone standing at ground level holding the curtain taking the weight. This permits you to hang the curtain onto your keep track of or rod with relieve.

How many hooks will you need?

Well for curtains with standard pen pleat tape you will desire a hook every next pocket.

For bucram going curtains you will need 1 for each and every pleat or goblet and one for every single end.

Preparing your bucram headed curtains prior to hanging.

The good media other than putting in the pin hooks setting up them down 1/2 ” from the top of your curtain. there is no more prepping to do. You just have to learn how to hold curtains and dress them properly.

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