How to Perform an iPhone Hard Reset Or Master Reset

Have you ever tried to turn your iPhone on and nothing at all happens, this is usually a scary situation that can be easily remedied in most circumstances. This same situation just happened to my mate lately so I thought that it could be worth writing a short how to article to help you other i phone owners and save them the time of contacting AT&T or Apple customer support for something which can be done for yourself in simply a short while. hard reset

The grasp reset or iPhone hard reset as being a call it, does not remove any data from your telephone, so don’t worry about losing any of your software or phone quantities, it simply restarts the product from the most basic level and clears some information which are preserved to cache memory which can fix many i phone bugs and small problems. The process is very simple and you will have your chosen telephone back up in operating in little time. The hard reset will fix a lot of common software issues like black displays, locked up software and even clear cache that cannot be cleared using clever software like memory space sweep. 

If an software is hung up, many times you can pressure the software leaving by holding down the “sleep/wake” button on the top of the phone for approximately 6 seconds or before the application closes out. This really is known as a soft reset, the iPhone attempts to destroy whatever process is at present active when you do this. If you are unable to get the iphone app to close or if you are experiencing a frozen or dark screen, then you may need to apply hard reset. You can do this my holding the “sleep/wake” button and the home button simultaneously for about 10 seconds. You will know when hard reset has taken place because the Apple company logo will show up. You can let go of all the buttons when you see this display screen.

For most all software glitches this will get you regress to something easier and operating in no time in any way. It may take up to 5 minutes for the iPhone to restart completely and return to the locked screen which is normal. If you are still having issues or are not able to get the display with the Apple company logo to come up, you may have to take the next thing. This means calling Apple customer care directly in most cases AT&T is not going to do much for issues with this phone and you will more than likely get faster service by calling Apple directly.

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