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The Paladin is the second of the two classes in the World of Warcraft that are able of using heavy dish armors. Heavy plated shield – it can’t get better than that. The other being the Players who specialize in all things heavy – be it gear, equipment, guns, whatnot. The Paladin shield, just like the Warriors’, can take up against substantial blows from the competitors.

Why do Paladins require impressive armors?
Paladins are quite possibly the best cross types class in WoW. That they do great in treatment, melee combats and mean casting. The three Noble specs could give a Paladin character a blend of these attributes.

As a melee fighter, the Paladin have solid tanking skills and excellent offensive problems. Despite them having less powerful weapons than those wielded by fighting classes, they nevertheless compensate this weakness by calling on the power of the Holy Light. That said, the Paladins not only need but require the best armors they could get so they could withstand attacks coming from their enemies.

Remember, the Paladins are often the primary healers of the groups too, particularly if they have specialized in the Protection or Holy plots. On the whole, they would be like magnets of disorders from opponents, specially in PvP, since most opponents know that the Paladins are instrumental in keeping their allies alive. Dead and their allies stand a reduced chance of withstanding disorders. Alive – and the Paladin would just continue to taking in the harm received by its team. Now, for the Paladin to do their careers well, they need the best protection they might get. Otherwise, they’re good as dead. 

When can Paladins get the best armors?
The best Paladin armors and equipment can be found to level 70 and above characters although at lower levels, Paladin could easily get some decent units. Except for the Soldier class, the Paladins wear the best armors.

How do you get the best Paladin armors?
The Paladin armors come in several varieties. In basic, a set of suits for Paladins are designed to mitigate damage via the 9 armor slot machine games namely shoulder, head, again, chest or body, thighs, waist, hands, wrist, and feet. This class is also able to wear shields which they can use with their off-hand.

If you want to get every drop of efficiency from your Paladin’s armor and kit, you should use a full armor set that is designed to enhance certain advantages of your persona. Typically, armor sets add extra value to qualities relating to physical harm mitigation to enhance your character’s ability to protect his group. A collection or Paladin armor or single armor piece may also get enhancements from trinkets, necklaces, rings as well as off-hand items.

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