Is a Duct Cleaners Furnace Cleaning the Same as What the Heating Companies Do?

The subsequent article applies to Surroundings Duct Cleaning companies found in the province of Ontario, Canada but may also apply in the area, We suggest you consult your local authorities. furnace cleaning edmonton

The cleaning that an Air Duct Solution can do on your furnace involves cleaning any accessible components of the furnace that the air moves across, However, these same components must be cleaned while in position and under no circumstances are they to be removed or altered in any way. 

Duct Cleaning businesses are equipped with many unique proprietary tools that afford them the potential to clean the furnace’s conveyance components while they continue in place.

I always make it a point to share with our customers that the things we do on their furnace is no replacement for what an accredited Heating and Surroundings conditioning Technician (HVAC Technician) will do on the air conditioner when it comes to doing an inspection and cleaning.

What the law states is very clear as to just what a Duct Cleaner is out loud to do on the furnace.

Duct cleaners are absolutely prohibited from doing anything in the burning zone of your air conditioner, the combustion zone is the area that homes the Burners, Pilot light, Gas valves, Electrical components and so forth

Virtually any Duct cleaning technician that is messing around in this area of the air conditioner without proper documentation is in serious violation of the law and will not be covered by their insurance company should anything at all go wrong.

We all all too often hear from customers that inform us that THUS & SO Duct Maintenance Company says that they will inspect the air conditioner as part of their Duct Cleaning.

If a Duct Cleaning company ever before makes such a promise to you… I suggest that you stay significantly away from them, in fact they must be reported to the proper authorities.

The only exemption would be if the Duct Cleaning company has a qualified Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) specialist on staff who will be doing the actual inspection or if they are delivering in an unique company that is HVAC Certified, in which case you would be wise to ask for proof of their qualifications.

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