Juicer Myths – Separating Fact From Fiction

In terms of the World Wide Internet it is sometimes called the Wild West, since it is a land where almost anything goes. In the event you want you can get a site then declare to some of the online real estate available. Certainly occasionally it may feel like a free for any because of some of the nonsense online that is intending to look like something genuine. best cheap juicer

Right now there are special masticating juicers available which give you more expensive juice but inevitably place only be found online and are certainly growing in popularity with those around the world concerned about their health. There are many online traders who have chosen up on this and thus there are going to be opportunists that will try to sell you an expensijuiceve juicer. Yet there are plenty of dealers around who have a real passion with regards to juicing.

But you need to be which there are many manufacturers and traders around who because the internet is virtually unregulated can publish statements that aren’t all they are really in order to get your money. Therefore while you are considering buying one of these expensive masticating juicers it is a great idea to arm yourself with the right information so you can make a more informed decision and avoid all the hype.

Popular Myths With regards to Juicers

They say that centrifugal juicers destroy the enzymes in the foods. This can be simply not the case and there is no scientific evidence available that can back this claim up. In simple fact the evidence provided through scientific research carried away by Michael Donaldson PhD shows that the centrifugal juicer has a great deal of enzyme activity in it. So the statements that centrifugal juicers damage the enzymes because heat caused by the scrubbing due to the high speeds from which it works simply aren’t true.

Warmth caused through friction requires more than just great performance in order for the enzymes to be demolished the juice itself would need to be warmed up well above blood heat. Currently there are no juicers available which high temperature juice to this level. Although the juice you get from a centrifugal juicer may have less nutrients than would be had from by using a masticating juicer it is still good quality. So never make use of this information as a reason for purchasing a more expensive juicer. One of the simple to operate centrifugal juicers on the market today is the L’Equip XL Quality juicer which has the potential to have a complete apple and is simple to use if you stay in a fastpaced home. Plus it WON’T destroy the digestive enzymes in the meals.

“The bio-magnetic gears in the twin equipment juicer increase the juice quality and its shelf life” – Surprise, surprise this claim which is yet unproven is provided by those who produce the twin gear juicers. The scientific community continue to be discussing claims about the therapeutic impact these so called biography magnets have on all of us. In fact a quick search online and you will find there are plenty of websites that are miserable with this unproven scientific research. Certainly you would be pleasantly surprised about the real reasons why some manufacturers have chosen to put “bio magnetic technology” into their equipment in the first place.

The magnets weren’t actually used to increase the quality of the drink. Because the gears in a twin gear quality juicer are incredibly precisely machines and fit close together magnets were used to prevent the gears from clashing and sticking to the other person. The shame is that twin gear juicers are actually very good juicers. If you are a raw food enthusiast or do plenty of juice fasting the best twin products juicers available today are the Green Power Kempo Juicer or the array of Green Star Juicers from Tribest.

“Lower speed juicers produce better quality juice” – This is merely to some extent true as certainly a masticating juicer produces an improved quality juice than a centrifugal one does. Of course the masticating quality juicer does operate at a lower speed but keep in mind that follow that the reason for the juice being better is the lower speed. The speeds at which juicers operate are certainly not manipulated by the need to create a good quality juice but instead by the design of the equipment.

So let’s keep it simple and check out the facts. What quality drink is produced is decided by how well the juicer can break down the plant material put in it. Also how much juice is removed from the juicer is determined by how much force or pressure is located after the plant material. The reason why masticating juicers run at low rates is because the juice fasting action they carry away is way better suited to by using a low speed motor. While the centrifugal juicer operates at higher speeds so enough centrifugal force is produced so the juice can be separated from the plant material.

The caliber of the juice is dependent how well the plant materials is broken down and again this will be determined by the juice fasting process used not the speed at which the juicer works. The main reason why there are not any high speed twin tools masticating juicers on the market would it be would be impossible to make them at a price we could afford to get them at. The quickest masticating juicer currently is the Champion juicer and this runs at 14 times the velocity that dual gear juicers run at but still will provide you with a very nutritious juice, hence the speed of the machine is not something that you ought to be concerned with.

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