LG PRADA – Innovative Design and Intelligent Features

It usually is said that, “Two heads vs. one. ” Certainly, the same strategy has been followed in developing the most famous LG PRADA. LG ELECTRONICS Electronics, being an set up mobile phone industry and PRADA as a common maker of luxury goods have together designed this handset that exudes style with perfection. LG PRADA is the first advanced telephone with touch interface. https://www.3dinnovations.com.sg/hdb-reno-packages

Both equally these leading companies recently been employed by together in designing the item – from handset development to the marketing. The handset itself tells you many techniques from their progressive design to the high end technology. PRADA’s involvement in designing the handset includes beyond outside aesthetics including the advanced touch interface, mobile accessories and much more. On the other hand, LG’s brand technology innovation is very clear. 

Being the planet’s first advanced touch display phone, eliminates the cumbersome and conventional key pad – rendering it more user friendly and tactile. With an extra wide LCD display screen – it maximizes aesthetic impact, allowing users to browse phone features easily. Boasting an installment repayments on your 0 mega-pixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach contact lens – you can record quality pictures on the move. And with a built-in video player, watch some exciting video collections and revel in. These types of high-end features add more beauty to this tasteful device. Hold the telephone you are holding and with a single touch of your fingertips, the unit gives you the ultimate pleasure.

The LG PRADA is an ultra slim phone (with just 12mm thickness). In its thin profile, the product packs a variety of multimedia features such as an Music player plus a music multitasking function that can be used for sharing music, videos and images via MMS and email. Found in addition, the device also supports another memory position – allowing more space for multimedia files and other data files. Merely, touch the phone display and view all the features. Explore it and feel the difference.

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