Malaysia Newspapers – The Evolution Continues

There are plenty of local newspaper in Malaysia. Some are new and some have been around for at least 55 years. And like any newspaper publishers about the world, almost all of them has a beginning in politics. Malaysia is also one of them. The brand new Strait Instances for example has recently been instrumental in instilling nationalism among the people during the pre-independent days. Put simply, it was used as a propaganda tool to reach to the mass. health insurance malaysia

Today, from the politically-inclined newspapers, Malaysia has spawned the creation of many other newspapers of all genres such as Finance, Business News, Entertainment and many others. To cater for the multi-racial Malaysians, one can find newspapers in almost all of the major languages spoken in Malaysia such as Malay or Bahasa Melayu, Uk, Chinese, Tamil, Kadazan, Iban and many other local dialects especially in East Malaysia. Such variety makes Malaysia one of the most unique countries in the World. 

When it comes to politics, magazine in Malaysia can be categorised into three categories: pro-government, pro-opposition or natural. Most of the popular newspapers like the Star or New Straits Times have long been perceived as pro-government but being a democratic country, Malaysia has never stopped pro-opposition newspaper publishers to be in blood flow though from time to time there are situations where publishers are not able to restore their publication permit for being too ‘vocal’ in expressing their view up against the government.

Pro-opposition newspapers are typically backed by its web proxy political party in conditions of resources and capital. Though there is no such thing as complete freedom of speech in Malaysia yet, the existence of such newspaper demonstrates otherwise. And one can be certain that such development will continue in Malaysia and hopefully for the better.

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