Muscle Aches and Remedies

Petrol of Wintergreen (Methyl Salicylate)

One of the earliest remedies for muscle cramps and pains was formerly made from the wintergreen shrub. The compound that was distilled from the leaves was methyl salicylate, a chemical relative of aspirin (though it is not swallowed just how acetylsalicylsäure is). Virtually the same compound could be removed from the bark of sweet birch (also known as cherry birch). muscle aches

Today, most methyl salicylate is created synthetically and is seen in dozens of rubs, liniments, and gels, often combined with menthol of camphor. Such products are called “counterirritants. ” That is the fault they create a sensation of warmth and mild swelling when massaged into the skin. Some individuals describe the feeling as “hurting so good. ”¬†

There is no clear understanding of how counterirritants actually work. One theory shows that by creating an annoying discomfort you can in some manner dampen the original pain b overwhelming nerve urges. This concept is founded on the idea that sensations of pain travel to the brain through the vertebral cord.

Think of it similar to a cell phone network. If all the calls needed to funnel through a central switching office, you might be able to overload the system with incoming messages and create a busy indication.

That way pain alerts may well not get through to the brain. Suppose you have a bad frustration. It can be very distracting. When you get stung with a hornet, the new pain will take precedence and the recognition of the headache may fade.

Then there is the notion that revitalizing nerves in the epidermis boosts circulation. The increased blood flow to areas spreads to the base muscles and somehow takes away the soreness.

This products has been used for over one hundred years to treat arthritis, sprains, muscle aches, and neuralgia. Even though relatively little salicylate is absorbed into the system after topical application, you must never use a heating sleeping pad or hot compress over methyl salicylate. This could enhance absorption through the skin and lead to toxicity.

Don’t incorporate methyl salicylate with the joint disease treatment DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) as it easily goes by into the bloodstream and could carry methyl salicylate along and cause salicylate poisoning. Swallowing the substance can be life intimidating, so be certain to keep oil of wintergreen away of the reach of children.

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