Oracle Database Administrator Job Interview Preparation Questions

DBA Technical Interview Questions:

one particular ) Give one method for transferring a stand from one schema to a different:

There are several possible methods, export-import, CREATE STAND… AS SELECT, or DUPLICATE.

2. Precisely what is the purpose of the IMPORT option IGNORE? What is it’s default setting up?

The IMPORT IGNORE option tells import to dismiss “already exists” errors. In the event it is not described the tables that already exist will be missed. In case it is specified, the problem is ignored and the table’s data will be inserted. The default value is N. 1z0-064 dumps

3. If perhapsbad or good? Why?

The user is assigned the SYSTEM tablespace as a default and momentary tablespace. This is bad because it triggers user objects and short-term segments to be located into the SYSTEM tablespace leading to fragmentation and inappropriate table placement (only data dictionary objects and the system rollback segment should be in SYSTEM).

4. What are some of the Oracle provided deals that DBAs should be aware of?

Oracle gives a number of packages in the form of the DBMS_ packages owned by the SYS user. The packages employed by DBA might include: DBMS_SHARED_POOL, DBMS_UTILITY, DBMS_SQL, DBMS_DDL, DBMS_SESSION, DBMS_OUTPUT and DBMS_SNAPSHOT.

5. What happens if the constraint name is overlooked of a limitation clause?

The Oracle system will use the arrears name of SYS_Cxxxx where xxxx is something made number. This is bad since it makes traffic monitoring which table the limit belongs to or what the constraint does harder.

6. What goes on if a tablespace clause is kept off of a major key constraint clause?

That results in the index that is automatically produced being located in then users default tablespace. Seeing that this will usually be the same tablespace as the table is being created in, this can cause serious performance problems.

7. Precisely what is the proper method for disabling and re-enabling a primary key constraint?

You use the ALTER DESK command for both. Even so, for the permit term you must specify the USING INDEX and TABLESPACE clause for primary take some time.

8. What happens if a primary key limitation is disabled and then enabled without fully indicating the index clause?

The index is created in the user’s default tablespace and all sizing information is lost. Oracle won’t store this information as a part of the constraint definition, but only within the index definition, when the constraint was impaired the index was lowered and the information is gone.

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