OXO Salad Spinner – Best Salad Without the Work!

If you want salads but hate the prep, get this. You will wonder how you ever got along without it!

I was helped bring to OXO tools a few years ago when I used one with their peelers. Since then I have become an avid OXO devotee and own many of their products. But my favorite of them all is the great Grips OXO Greens Spinner. I adore green lettuce but always found washing it to be such a chore that on a few days and nights I would just miss the salad altogether. We’ve avoided making salads for some time due to preparation time. I actually had a mature salad content spinner, but it was the kind you had to turn, and cleaning it afterwards always seemed to take a very long time. This rewriter is a huge improvement over any I’ve used before. Believe it or not — I really enjoy washing greens with this device and make use of it every day. Using the best tool available makes any task more gratifying, and this is the best of the greatest of greens spinners. Have zero doubt, this is a selection you will be glad you made, whenever you use it. And you will probably want to use it! fidget spinner reviews

There is that washing the lettuce and draining the excess drinking water from the bowl, then refrigerating the lettuce in the spinner before mixing yields crispy greens. Over the internet this is a good thing to do early on in the day, then simply a quick spin later for a fast greens.

One particular push and it spins on it is own and it does indeed not move about at all on the counter. My spouse and i have found that it takes a couple revolves to dry them the way in which I like, but while the greens are mixing, you can be cutting up up other salad substances.

Also, you can locking mechanism the handle in the “down” position and use this spinner to store the unused greens in the fridge. This removes for another bowl to be used as a “lettuce saver”. I’ve got leaf lettuce in mine for many days, and it is still crisp and fresh. Since buying this exceptional spinner, I’ve experienced salad every night. And enjoyed every minute of it, preparation included!

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