Pink As an Alternative to White Gold Engagement Rings?

Within just the past decade, white gold engagement rings have reigned supreme in the wedding world. However, could this reign soon be at an end, with the recent rise in popularity in rose yellow metal jewellery?

Don’t be misinformed into thinking, however, that delicate pink coloured yellow metal is a modern creation or that this is its first rise to popularity. Historically, rose silver first became fashionable in Russia during the nineteenth century, where it was referred to as ‘Russian gold’ simply because were among the first wearers of the metal. There are in fact some stunning samples of pre-Faberge rose-gold pieces from the mid-to-late 19th hundred years. The widespread popularity of this kind of gold in jewellery was seen during the Victorian period, and was initiated with Cartier’s 1924 introduction of the iconic ‘Trinity’, that has been renowned for its three interweaving bands of yellow, white and rose gold.

This wasn’t until the thirties that the warmer shades of rose and orange gold were sidelined, along with the more vibrant and creative jewellery of the Art Deco period, to make way for the prominence of american platinum eagle and white gold or platinum engagement rings with monochromatic and geometric designs. This shift towards white hues only lasted until World War Two, when use of platinum was very restricted due to its toughness so that it is essential to war efforts. With platinum out of the picture during the conflict years, yellow and flower gold became the treasured metal of choice again. vintage rose gold engagement rings

Today, rose gold jewelry seems set for an impressive comeback once again, especially given the growing trend towards engagement bands with an unique and vintage quality. This particular variety of coloured platinum reflects an attractive blend between modern-day and antique, which offers consumers new different versions of existing designs, as well as new projects made exclusively in the special kind of silver. 

The return with this pink-hued gold to an industry dominated by white rare metal engagement rings is considered by many couples to be very positive. With its wonderfully romantic shade that looks wonderful of all skin tones, increased gold is somewhat more and more attractive. For those who favour bronze and real estate agent jewellery, rose gold offers a luxury alternative with a similar look. The versatility of rose silver is reflected in it is wide range of shades that range from a delicate light pink to a fiery amber.

This kind of beautifully warm shade of gold seems likely to grow in popularity, offering an exclusive, unique quality, but it seems not likely that it will replace white gold engagement wedding rings as the dominant pressure in the jewellery market sooner.

Frederick Holm is staff writer for of the F&L Designer Courses, compiled and written to help consumers choose an unique gemstone design. If you want white platinum engagement ring a princess or queen cut precious stone or an engraved band, we have ideas and opinions masking all the options. Giving advice, as well as ideas how to choose that perfect ring, F&L will accompany you on every stage of your search to find the right designer.

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