Plastic Corrugated Versus Paper Corrugated – Which Is Right For My Business?

Present packaging industry offers thousands of of products designed to help you run a more efficient, profitable business. However, the variety of packaging choices can often prove overwhelming to someone who does not focus in the industry. Corrugated Plastic Box

A single of the most progressive products available today is plastic corrugated, also known as corrugated plastic, a durable material designed to replace the conventional newspaper, or cardboard, corrugated products that currently dominate the distribution and manufacturing companies. Corrugated plastic is created when two plastic line are fused together on either side of your bed sheet of wavy plastic known as fluting. Together, these three layers make a weather- and chemical-resistant material whoever properties give you a superior option to traditional packaging methods.

For example, unlike newspaper corrugated, plastic corrugated does indeed not erode or break down over time. As it is weather-resistant, it will not absorb normal water like paper corrugated, and product test results show that corrugated plastic has a tensile and rip strength over twenty times greater than paper! 

In addition to increased power, corrugated plastic also offers the potential for significant cost benefits in areas such as labor and waste products management. Unlike corrugated newspaper, plastic corrugated will not leave dust or remains in its surrounding environment, so your employees do not need to spend excess time cleaning their work areas and companies dealing with clean room applications can dispatch with confidence. And because plastic corrugated has a much longer lifespan than its cardboard cousin, you will not have the added expense caused by having to continually replace product packaging materials due to cracked or worn-out containers, not forgetting the subsequent costs of waste management and convenience.

Corrugated plastic can be used in the building of boxes, bins, pallet sleeves, stacking totes, materials handling carts and holders, dividers, and partitions, so whatever your need, clear plastic corrugate will be able to meet your exact specifications. To summarize, if you are still using corrugated cardboard and you have grown tired of the endless resulting hassles, consider this: corrugated plastic just makes “cents”!

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