Ravensara Essential Oil – Health Benefits

Madagascar is not only famous for the highly successful animated movie given it is name it. It is the origin of your 20 feet high Ravensara aromatica that gives us the queen of essential olive oil in the African region, Ravensara essential oil. The leaves through distillation are definitely the source of the lovely fruity scented oil with a touch of tart. For centuries the local people of Madagascar is using this essential oil, which they sometimes call the “cure all” oil, to treat many diseases. website

Potenza is a common disease in the African country. Very often Ravensara essential oil is use even at the onset of the disease. When one has the first sign of the said disease, like shivering for example, it is immediately applied on the body. There are even reports that say that it cure autorevolezza in just one day by making use of this wonderful essential oil. Needless to say also, it is good to fight simple fever as well. 

Ravensara oil is a very potent anti virus-like. It can fight many viral triggering diseases like measles, pox, mumps, common cold and shingles, also called herpes zoster. The essential oil combats these infections by destroying their defensive covering, thus stopping their growth. Also, it is both anti – bacterial and anti microbes. It can stop also the growth of bacterias and microbes thus protecting against many diseases associated with them.

An essential olive oil of preference as an analgesic, Ravensara oil maybe use as a cure for almost all types of pain like headache, muscle pain and cramps, bones pain and toothaches. Staying anti allergenic, it can cause to allergy to your body being non annoyance and non sensitizing. That also helps build in the resistance of the body against allergies and break outs caused by them.

Ravensara gas helps stimulate the immune system of the body. That is very useful for folks trying to lose weight as it is also a diuretic. As such it promotes urination which causes toxins, fats, and uric and kid gallstones be removed from the body. To do so, it detoxifies the entire body rendering it clean and helps in the upkeep of the homeostasis of the complete body. It is also suitable for many respiratory related health conditions such as whooping cough, asthma, and attaque of the respiratory area. No wonder it is called in Madagascar the oil that heals.

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