Salt Water Flush – How to Do it and What to Expect

This Water Flush isn’t a pleasurable experience but it’s the simplest way to cleanse your body of toxins when doing the Master Detox or Lemon Detox. salt water cleanse

The ingredients for the Sodium Water Flush are quite straight-forward, all you need is the following;

3. 32 Fl Oz’s of Spring Water

* 2 TEASPOONS of Sea Sodium (pref non-iodized)

Two simple ingredients but so many people manage to get this wrong by adding two tablespoons rather than two teaspoons. So make sure that you get your quantities right! 

This process is done daily after waking up, prior to drinking anything else.

Blend that lot up and then comes the distressing little actually drinking it. It is best to gulp down as much as you can in one go, take a few breaths and then continue until the glass is empty.

Salted water has a solid taste and can make you feel quite sick, so the trick is to concentrate on anything but the drink. Try respiration throughout your mouth and not your nose as this lessens the electric power of the flavour.

Opt for something to give attention to and just focus on it the whole time, when you can do this then again it takes away the concentrate of drinking the get rid of.

Make sure that the water reaches room temperatures, it helps it to dissolve more quickly and it is much easier to drink. You may feel that freezing cold drinking water would be more nice but it’s much harder to get down.

In the event that you cannot drink it water flush, then you have the option of having a laxative tea in the place but the sodium water flush will get you the greater results if you can control it.

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