Seasonal Wedding Themes and Ideas

In season Wedding Themes

A couple’s preference for setting their wedding date might be dependent upon a favourite time of year or season. Perhaps you are fantasizing of a white winter wedding in the snow, or a bright and sunny ceremony on the sand. soul desire

When you have decided on the when, it makes perfect sense to design your wedding day theme to suit your personalities and the time of year! Below are a few tricks for your favourite wedding season;

Summer Wedding Tips

Summer is the most popular season for a wedding, when direct sunlight is perfect and the next thunderstorm is beautiful! Produce sure that you publication your venue well in advance to avoid any ‘Bride Wars’ style shenanigans! 

For a relaxed and everyday style beach wedding, choose a long going sun dress, kick off your heels and go naturally barefoot to your ceremony. Make sure that your invite states that ‘thongs’ and sandals are welcome and that you have plenty of drinking water bottles in an ice cubes filled bucket on side at your hot beach location.

Provide some hues for your guests – grab individual umbrellas or parasols, these are available in a variety of colours so you should be able to find something to match in with your colour scheme.

Make sure that you wear a foundation with SPF and maintain your wedding makeup light and natural for that ‘beachy’ look. May forget to wear SPF lip balm under your lipgloss too or the Cancer Council offer their own range of lipsticks and glosses that hold a SPF 30.

Give personalised sunscreen for everybody, buy your own baby bottles of any brand that you trust and then have labels or bottle gloves made with your titles and the date, all in line with your colour and theme.

Make an effort to stay out of the sun before your wedding, that way you will avoid embarrassing red skin or strap signifies on your big day. For anyone who is after a sun kissed look, minimal an aerosol tan a couple of days before your wedding – make sure that you have a trial a few months before so that you know you are going to like the way that this looks.

When choosing your flowers ensure you consider types that can withstand the heat, like orchids or Calla Lilies or perhaps you could go for a seashell bouquet.

When ever choosing your summer wedding menu, consider the summertime produce available, fresh fruit platters are a great idea and provide plenty of colour. When making wedding and reception cake choice, think light, rich chocolate cakes are becoming very popular in recent years, but lighter tastes will be suitable for summer season.

Autumn Wedding Tips

The warm colours of fall months provides a spectacular background for your wedding, with the leaves on the trees bursting with color and the orange and red hues from an Autumn sunset will make for some stunning images. Be sure to look up the time for sunset and plan your wedding day carefully around that in order that you make the almost all of the day!

Select a theme that matches the time of year, go for a woodland rustic country style with teal, duck as fast as possible blue and natural browns and coppers.

Decide on a venue to can capture the essence of the season and the organic beauty, some great ideas for an autumn wedding are a vineyard, farmville farm or botanical garden.

The weather will be turning cooler so choose a fur wrap, stole or shawl to cover your shoulders in order that you don’t get cold, or you might want to use longer sleeves on your dress.

Choose your bridesmiad gowns by selecting from colors that you obviously see occurring in the fall season – go for burgundy, apricot, mustard yellow, dark greens and warm browns, they will really help to indicate the beauty of Slide..

There are also some stunning flowers that you can match into your theme, it could be better to consider flowers that are in season because these are likely to be less expensive – such as holly, amaryllis, daphne, iris, winter jasmine and cotoneaster. You can also include renewable leaves, or red fruits to finish off your bouquets.

Design a tea leaf logo or pattern that you can include in your invitations, place name cards, wedding favors and bomboniere gift idea ideas – this is a really nice way to add a touch of the season’s theme into your stationery and decorations.

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