Studying for 1Z0-060: Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c

Oracle released version 12c of the database in mid-2013. Several of the new features introduced with 12c will make it a very attractive upgrade means to fix large corporations running Oracle databases. At the time this article was written, the 1Z0-060 exam has only been in development for a few weeks and the quantity of 12c-certified Oracle DBAs in the industry is still small. Those who upgrade early on will be in the minority for some time. Earning this credential early on can help DBAs to stand out from their peers. 1z0-060 dumps

I have recently been an Oracle Certified DBA since Release 7. 3 and have upgraded over time to 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g and now to 12c. It has recently been my experience that organizing for the upgrade accreditations is an extremely effective opportinity for keeping acquainted of the current capacities available in Oracle. Upon numerous occasions I have learned all about new features in Oracle that had been useful to me in my work while setting up for the upgrade exam. That said, in every release of Oracle, there are plenty of features that contain no interest to my opinion. I would still alternatively spend some time learning about ten new features to find the one which We like if the choice is to never find out about the particular one feature at all. In this article Let me try to provide some assistance about the test to assist your preparation.

The exam issues page on the Oracle University website should always be a starting point when planning for an Oracle recognition exam. This page will give you all of the issues that will be protected on the exam. Certainly not every new feature added in the 12c release will appear on the exam, so it is vitally important that you use the topic list to ascertain which ones to study. The 12c Upgrade to Oracle Data source 12c exam is unconventional in that it has two scored sections. The first section is on the news of 12c and has forty-nine issues. The second section is on Core DBA skills and it has thirty-four topics. On the exam, the sections contain fifty-one and thirty-four questions correspondingly. Effectively, each topic will lead to approximately one question the exam.

This kind of exam was different from any of the update exams I have considered to date. Mainly, this was due to the new ‘Core DBA Skills’ section. Almost every upgrade exam consisted only of questions regarding functions added and changes designed to the latest release of Oracle. Having almost half the exam directed at DBA duties required additional preparation time. The exam questions about the new features also seemed to require more depth than they may have in the recent. One of the most significant blocks of subject areas on test is about the multitenant architecture that is new with 12c. You want to spend additional time making sure that you are more comfortable with how this changes the supervision tasks of a DBA.

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