The Party of Death’s Ploy

The national Democratic Party, which author Ramesh Ponnuru telephone calls the Party of Fatality, has set its views on African-Americans during this critical election year. dø

Recognized black leaders including the Reverends Jesse Jackson and ‘s Sharpton are encouraging blacks to show their focus away from social issues–such as abortion–and focus on other issues as they head to the polls in Nov. 

Senator Barack Obama has joined the fray with an editorial in the nation’s most colorful newspapers, USA Today. Obama, who will be seen as a future Presidential candidate, writes, “My faith shapes my beliefs, but applying those ideals to policymaking must be done with principles that are accessible to all people, religious or not. inches

While Obama waxes philosophic about Americans buying “deeper, fuller conversation about religion in this country, ” he also says, “To base one’s life on such uncompromising responsibilities (of religion) may be sublime; to base our policymaking to them would be dangerous. inches

In other words, it’s fine if you are religious–just no longer try to apply those religious values to community policy.

In a well-crafted response to the Obama editorial, minister Johnny Finder of the National Local clergy Council states, “A person who truly believes that politicians need not get away from religion would boldly condition, ‘My faith shapes my values, and that is why I will have your say determined by my key value beliefs. ‘”

Seeker points out that it can be possible that, when Obama ballots in favor of child killingilligal baby killing and sodomy, he is voting his core morals.

However, “For many pastors and congregations who follow scriptural teaching, that is cause for alarm. inches

Hunter concludes by declaring, “No matter how affordable he may appear to be when the television set cameras are rolling, with no news media’s existence, the sole view Senator Obama cares to notice is his own. very well

For too many years, the Democratic Party has taken the black have your vote for granted. They have kept African-Americans in the fold by championing yes, definitely action and government programs which are supposed to be helping blacks achieve monetary parity. However, they ignored the truth that a number of African-Americans might care more about the Bible than about well being benefits… more about conserving the sanctity of matrimony than about protecting the environment from big business.

Intended for many years, the dark family has been under attack from incompetent community officials who attempted to make blacks beholden to the federal government through government subsidies and positions on the public salaries. After all, if you delivered the promise of a job during a campaign, you naturally have an easier time back again the job-seeker’s vote at election time. But all those government giveaways and public jobs mount up, causing in bloated budgets, high deficits, and extreme taxation. And many blacks are coming to realize that Uncle Sam is offering with one hand and taking away with the other, creating them to teeter on the edge of poverty.

What’s more, the federal government’s illigal baby killing policy has decimated the African-American population. While blacks make up only about 12 percent of the population, they account for more than 40 percent of abortions.

Isn’t it ironic that Democrats would push to abort future taxpayers who may additionally be future Democrats?

Fortunately, a number of blacks have observed the light, recognizing the fact that the Democratic Party would not appear to speak for them. Have Lynn Swann, an African-American who is running for Governor of Pennsylvania as a Republican. Swann views how a GOP’s low-tax and slow spending policy signifies the perfect plan for his family and other dark families.

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