The Sovereignty of God and Acts of Love

Comprehending the sovereignty of God is really important. There is much written within this subject. Honestly much of it I think misrepresents who God is. So I am writing this article to reveal my insights in wish of bringing some clearness, or at least what I believe is quality, to this subject. is god real?

A large number of Christians seem to be to believe sovereignty means, complete control. God is in complete control of His creation, but the word sovereignty does not address that. Sovereignty does not really address what God is or is not managing. I am not asking God’s sovereignty, just the definition. 

Sovereignty addresses His right to self control. It means He can do what He desires, if he wants, whenever He wants. He does indeed not need any help from anyone, and no-one can stop Him doing when he pleases. Which will means that God gets the right over His own creation to govern it anyway He sees fit. With all of that said we still don’t have address what things This individual is, or is not controlling. Sovereignty simply tackles His right to control anyway He wants, and that He has the strength to fulfill His own will, and the resources to sustain that will, regardless of who or does not like it.

Given that begs the question. What has this sovereign God of ours decided to sovereignty do? He sovereignty made man in His image and gave him a soul, a will. Goodness sovereignty gave man the ability to make options and follow them through. There is no discord between the sovereignty of God and the need of man because The almighty is the one who made man with a will.

Why did Our god give man a will to start with? This never appears to be addressed. Why does man have a will? Seem at this from adores point of view. Take pleasure in is the act of the will that says, I choose to put both you and your needs, or desires, above my own because I actually love you. The choice to love is not legitimate unless the reason to choose, not to love, exists.

I imagine God created man for a relationship by which man had a legitimate straight to choose God’s will over his own. That act is an take action of affection. I believe that God created man in His image so that God could give and receive love from an existence who’s choice to love was a real choice. A selection that was not brought about by the whole control of Our god over his will. Simply then could God acquire real legitimate love.

Today God is totally ruling over His creation in electricity carrying out His will for this planet wonderful overall plan for man as well. There is no doubt about that. But does it make sense to you that God’s will for man was to receive from him, love. To get this love, man got to have the potential to choose never to follow so that following would be an act of love on his part. It absolutely was God’s sovereign will to produce man this way!

What else has this sovereign God chosen to do? The actual guarantees give us any indicator? Does He put anything at all before us like, life and death, blessing and cursing? Does He give instruction and wisdom to permit us. Does This individual give grace? Does This individual heal, and restore, and make new? Yes! Most of these things are the full sovereign coin will of God for man that man must choose to receive. Take pleasure in chooses to provide and it chooses to get.

The sovereignty of God is not the dictatorship of Goodness. I doubt anyone ever before really loves their master! It is the love of God that is so often missing from the topic of the power of God! In the event the love of God is not foundational to our comprehension of the powerful secret of God over His creation then we will finally misunderstand, the sovereignty of God.

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