Wet-Weather DIY Kit – Car-Port Solutions Replace Garage Stores

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Don are out – car-ports are in!

That’s right.

Storage Space

Because most small UK houses be short of space to store things, garages are increasingly becoming utilized for putting other things in. Items like athletics and exercise equipment, extra clothes, and even unwanted gifts that ‘will be just right for so-and-so the coming year. porte

Wetter Weather

In consequence a lot more of us now leave our cars outside on the drive. The only problem now could be that the weather is getting wetter and wetter. And the rain is getting heavier and more prolonged.

This means that just popping things into the car, or getting the groceries in, transforms into a really annoying chore.

The response?

Car Ports.

Even better, Car-port Kits.

Planning News

Plus the best news is that UK the Government has changed the planning guidelines rendering it even easier and quicker to create what you need.

DIY Carport-Kits Solutions

Now, there is no need to get an architect in, adopted by a builder to specially design and build something that the local planners enables you to put up. Today you can get an easy to build, or even DIY ‘kit’, that lets you create the sort of protection you need for both you and your vehicles (or motorboats, or trailers, and so on).

Ready Made, ‘Off-the-shelf’ Plans

If you need to get planning permission, or perhaps you think you’d be less dangerous by checking with your local planning officer before positioning your order, there are some plans that you can buy ‘ready to submit’, for example by by using a Beamlock Flip System Carport.

Individual Unique Design Costs

However, please remember that individual unique designs costs significantly more than pre-designed standard component products. And you will have to have them specially drawn by somebody who understands construction, building rules and how to choose the right Beamlock parts to work with your design.

Professional Timber Technology Services

If it is right for you then there are specialist timber technology companies that give you a very competitive range of professional new, engineering and building services for you.

Usual & Unusual – Large & Tiny

The Beamlock Building System can be applied to many varied flip-up building projects. The most famous designs they are asked to offer are garage kits, double car port kits, car ports, home extension kits, office at home sets, balcony kits and out house kits. Of course, the Beamlock Modular System has endless possibilities allowing you to build a variety of green-oak style structures such as workshops, outdoor protected areas, gazebos, teaching areas, stables etc.

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