Your Guide to Choosing Accident Claims Solicitors

Selecting Accident Claim Solicitors

Site, Location

We have all heard these expression, but when it comes to choosing solicitors is it the main one? This is now unlikely, what you should look for is the help of the solicitor that you are contacting (see below). solicitor

When it comes to location, it is much easier today to offer with a solicitor that is not necessarily in the centre of any town, but is mobile enough to come to you, or has ample away of town free auto parking so that you can visit them. A quick review of their website should provide answers to these questions. Site is not the important thing factor in choosing a specialist injury or medical carelessness solicitor, but expertise certainly is, so let’s look at this.

Expertise in Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Claims 

Whichever form of claim you are considering making, it is essential that you deal with a solicitor that has experience of your type of claim. These times you ought to be able to find a specialist solicitor relatively easily by a quick report on their website and an initial conversation with them. Expertise will make certain you will have the best prospects of winning your claim, due to the experience your solicitor has gained in handling many other very similar says for compensation.

The next section moves onto making first contact with a firm of solicitor

Primary Enquiries

Whereas historically lawyers were considered challenging to contact and often hard to cope with, times have moved on significantly. It should be easy so that you can see from the solicitors website how to contact them. They have to provide you a variety of choices, from a free telephone enquiry for an instant online enquiry form. If you complete an enquiry form, you should expect the solicitor to respond for you usually within one business hour.

Who contacts you moves us onto another section.

Solicitors or Paralegals?

If you have a personal injury or medical negligence claim would you like to deal with a qualified solicitor or a non qualified promises handler? The choice is yours, but also in my view someone that has put in years qualifying as a solicitor is likely to be best located to look after you and your claim in the most effective way. Various organizations do now use junior and non-qualified legal staff, but do you want them to manage your complicated and lawfully challenging personal injury or medical negligence claim?


Is the firm you contact clear of the charges? Do they give you a free initial enquiry then a range of money options to allow you to proceed with your claim? In personal personal injury cases you should obtain a guarantee that you’ll keep all of your settlement and the claim will cost you nothing. Medical negligence claims are often more difficult, but you can still be offered to choose funding, from legal help to no win no cost or payment by instalments.

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